Tha Siam is a family-run Thai Restaurant since 2005, which serves organic and the freshest produce and meat products possible, purchased from our local vendors. In turn, everything we sell here supports our local communities, schools and farmers.

We believe that we are so fortunate to live in the Bay Area, especially in Marin County and to enjoy the best of both worlds (taste of Thai Cuisine and freshness of local produce). Our cuisine reflects all major regions in Thailand. With a little adaptation, we try to achieve the best possible Thai cuisine taste by using the freshest ingredients our Bay Area market can offer for our customers to enjoy. As a result, it becomes our own native style of entertaining. The flavors are large and simple, as are the presentations. Presenting our cuisine that caters to every palates, Tha Siam’s extensive menu offers the whole range of tastes, spicy, medium, mild, and sweet upon our customers’ request. Tha Siam also offers Gluten–Free dishes to accommodate our customers’ need. Besides offering the freshest and most authentic taste of Thai cuisine experience, we also offer organic produce & organic chicken dishes.

We believe that high quality ingredients are the key to an excellent meal. We strive to accommodate everything that our customers need to eat healthy food and to enjoy the meal.

11am to 9:30pm Sunday through Thursday
11am to 10pm Friday & Saturday

phone: 415-461-0198
contact: Ed Aswanetmanee

1813 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur, CA 94939